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dike ajiri

Dike Ajiri

dike ajiri

Entrepreneur & Small Business Owner

Dike is an entrepreneur and founder of many businesses.  His current ventures include JunkMan, Premier Service Solutions, and Water Filtration Stations.  He has a passion for growing companies in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors.


Learn About Entrepreneurship

Here you will discover entrepreneurship information.  Dike has founded many businesses throughout the years, and has a passion for helping others to succeed as well.  You will find a wealth of knowledge about starting and growing a business from scratch.  If you are trying to start a business and need guidance, check out some of the blogs, or connect with Dike through the contact page or social media.

Small Business Ownership

Mr. Ajiri is an expert at running a small business and has a history of growth and success for his many different business ventures.  He possesses the qualities necessary for success in business including perseverance, problem-solving skills, ambition, and positive attitude.  Dike loves sharing his knowledge and helping others to succeed, so if you are in need of help or have any questions about small business, drop Dike a message and he will be glad to assist.


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Contact Dike to network about business opportunities or discuss business ideas.  You can connect on social media to learn more.  DK would love to connect with fellow business owners and loves to grow his business network.


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